Missale Romanum with Dutch silver mounts

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Missale Romanum with Dutch silver mounts

Tilmanus Nicolaus Bauduin, Maastricht, 1788-1792


39 cm x 25 cm


The Missale Romanum is dated 1765 and is embellished with engravings. The red-leather cover is fitted with silver mounts and clasps, displaying medallions and acanthus leaves.


Tilmanus Nicolaus Bauduin (1750-1794), son of Dominicus Bauduin and Judith Solders, became master silversmith in Maastricht in 1778, after he had been trained in his uncle’s, Servatius Beckers, workshop. Tilmanus married Maria Sophia Catharina Hoffman in 1782 and died in 1794. At that time he lived at Muntstraat, Maastricht.


Associate literature: 

I.L. Szénássy, Maastrichts Zilver, Maastricht, 1978