A Dutch parcel-gilt silver sanctuary lamp

  • A Dutch parcel-gilt silver sanctuary lamp, Hendrik Smits, Amsterdam, 1832
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A Dutch parcel-gilt silver sanctuary lamp

Hendrik Smits

Amsterdam, 1832


In the catholic tradition a sanctuary lamp, with its candle burning, is hung near the altar as a sign of the presence of the Lord/the Holy Sacrament. According to the inscription this sanctuary lamp used to hang in the Krijtberg church, a hidden church in Amsterdam, which was located in a house called Krijtberg at Herengracht from 1654 till the end of the 19th century.

In 1881 a new Krijtberg church was built at Singel, devoted to Saint Fransiscus Xaverius. In 1832 the silver lamp was commissioned for the hidden church by the persons whose names are engraved on it.


The inscription reads:

J.F. Hendrichs, Veronika Saandeinga, et nuhot ejus P: P bus S.J.F. Fol, P.J. Peeters & J.B. Goens – Krijtberg- Amsterdam 2. Dec. 1832


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