Parcel-gilt Dutch silver beaker

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Parcel-gilt Dutch silver beaker


Nicolaes Sluiter

Groningen, 1695/96

285 grams; 19,2 cm high


The large tapering beaker is engraved with fruit festoons and pointed work, in which three oval medallions with the personifications of Faith, Hope and Love are engraved and the year 1697. Below the applied thorn girdle is the flared foot rim, decorated with putti heads and foliage. Gilt interior. Fully marked on the reverse.


Nicolaes Sluiter, baptized on 17 November 1665, was the son of Hindrick Sluiter, goldsmith and Geertruid Luerts. He married Marrigje Jans van Groningen on 20 November 1689. No children are known. Nicolaes was probably an apprentice and companion to his father. He became master in 1689 and probably took over the business from his father (or his father’s widow). Hindrik Valkenier became his apprentice on 1 June 1696. Nicolaes held various positions within the guild.

Known silverware of from his hand are, saltcellars, candlesticks, tankard and this beaker.


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-Bruun Rasmussen, Kopenhagen, 6 november 1979

-Dutch art trade, 1980

-Private collection, Nederland, 1980