Dutch silver basket

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A Dutch silver basket


Anthonie van Luttervelt

Utrecht, 1780

709 grams; 32,4 cm wide, 19,1 cm x 10,5 cm.


The oval Louis XV basket is pierced and engraved with flowers and foliage between the lower and upper edges consisting of c- and s- volutes. Four foam ornaments are included in the lower edge, on which the basket rests. Two upright open handles with floral motifs on either side complete the whole. Fully marked at the reverse and displaying an assay stripe.


Anthonie (Anthonij) van Luttervelt (Lutterveld), son of Gerrit Luttervelt and Catharina van der Ploeg was born in 1740. In 1754 he was apprenticed to silversmith Dirck van Gameren and became master silversmith in Utrecht 1767. Archival documents show that Anthony’s parents took out a loan of 600 guilders on his behalf because of the aquisition of gold and silversmith tools. They also rented him a cellar and safe from Maria Pott, located on the Oudegracht. Maria Pott was married to Arnoldus Koolhaas, who was also a silversmith in Utrecht. Anthonie married Jenetta van Otterlo. He was assay master of the guild in 1788-89 and employed several apprentices. Anthonie developed as a service worker, making for example bread baskets, teapots, milk jugs, tobacco jars, braziers, candlesticks, a few fish ladles and a funeral spoon.


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