Set of six Dutch silver candlesticks

About This Project

Set of six Dutch silver candlesticks


Bennewitz & Zn

Amsterdam, 1837

Basis are loaded with original wood, 25,7 cm high


Each silver candlestick stands on a round base with a gadroon border. Between the base and the slightly bent stem is a convex knob with large godroons and two narrow bands of smaller godroons. The smooth tapering socket displays a band of smaller godroons. Fitted with detachable large gadroon nozzles. Fully marked.


The engraved coat-of-arms are those of the family of Neukirchen called Nijvenheim, a wealthy family that owned, for example the estate Duivenvoorde near Voorschoten. In 1837, the year these candlesticks were made, Gustaaf Frederik Willem, Baron v. Neukirchen called Nijvenheim married lady Frederique Louise Wilhelmine Huyssen van Kattedijke.


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