Set of four silver salts

  • set-of-four-silver-salts-with-blue-glass-liners-isacq-samuel-busard-the-hague-1770
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Set of four silver salts with blue glass liners

Isacq Samuel Busard, The Hague, 1770

347 grams in total, excluding blue glass liners

6,5 cm diameter, 4 cm high

The salts are engraved with an unidentified coat-of-arms. The silversmith must have been familiar with English and French designs of salts. A salt made in 1747 by him has similar features. He also could have been inspired by Pieter Kersbergen, a fellow guild member, who made a pair of salts in 1760 with similar feet. (cf. Haags Goud en Zilver, cat. nrs. 57 and 59).


Associate literature:

Jet Pijzel-Domisse, Haags Goud en Zilver, Zwolle, 2005, p. 252-253