Set of four Dutch silver candlesticks

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A set of four large Dutch silver candlesticks

Dirk Evert Grave
Amsterdam, 1789
3004 grams; 30,5 cm high
These candlesticks were part of the estate of Johannes A.L. van den Bosch (1861-1945) and his first wife Louise Charlotte Rutgers van Rozenburg, who lived at De Hooghe Vuursche in Baarn. Her family, wealthy Amsterdam bankers, had owned De Hooghe Vuursche from 1795 onwards. The Rutgers van Rozenburgs might have commissioned the set of four in Amsterdam. After the untimely death of his wife J.A.L. van den Bosch married Ernestine Louise van Hardenbroek van Lockhorst and rebuilt his stately home, after it had been broken down in 1908.
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