Parcel-Gilt silver parrot trophy

About This Project

Parcel-Gilt silver parrot trophy (‘schuttersvogel’) of the Gerdingen & Niestat Riflemen’s guild



Maker’s mark ‘Lily in shield with crown’

(Maaseik), circa 1604

234 grams all in, including chain and two medallions;

parrot 18.7cm wide, circa 13.5 cm high, total length with chains 28.5 cm


The silver bird, also known as the parrot, is realistically chased and engraved. It has a gilt beak, crown and tail feathers with traces of gilding and sits on a gilt-silver stick. The engraved text on the stick reads: DESEN VOEGHEL HOERRET TOT GERDINGEN ONDE NIESTAT WEGHT XVI Loet ANNO 1604. The bird is suspended from a silver chain with three suspension rings, from which two medallions are hung. The parcel-gilt obverse of round medallion with silver cable border is chased with The Adoration of the Christ Child, on the reverse an engraving of the enthroned Virgin and Child. The oval medallion with interrupted cable border depicts the Virgin and Child in relief surrounded by four angels, two of them holding a crown above the Virgin’s head and two kneeling at her feet, carrying a candlestick with a candle. At the bottom, the name HAL is engraved in a rectangle. The reverse of the medallion is plain. The oval medallion is the so-called patron’s token, in this case of Our Lady.


Together with eleven silver guild plates with names of former ‘Schutterskoningen’ (Kings of the Guild) and ‘Schutterskeizers’ (Emperors of the Guild), and a star-shaped pendant and a death token.



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