Pair of Dutch silver braziers

  • Zilveren komforen, Jan Diederik Pont, Amsterdam, 1743
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Pair of Dutch silver braziers

Jan Diederik Pont

Amsterdam, 1743

554 grams, excluding copper liners; 19 cm diameter, 6,2 cm high


The circular braziers, with hinged drop handles, consist of a spreading moulded body pierced with alternating trelliswork and anthemions. The braziers are based on four scroll supports and are fitted with red copper liners. Fully marked above the reeded rim at the exterior.


Jan Diederik Pont (ca. 1701-1767) was born in Bremen, where he was trained as a silversmith in Johan Gräfenstein’s workshop. Like many fellow German silversmiths at that time he moved to Amsterdam, attracted by its thriving economy. In 1729 he became poorter (burgher) of the city and married Maria van Rixtel in 1731. Their son Willem Pont, followed in his father’s footsteps and became master in 1755. Father and son worked together at Rozenstraat, Amsterdam, until Jan Diederik’s death in 1767.


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