Dutch silver tobacco jar

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Dutch silver tobacco jar

Valentijn Casper Bömcke (Beumke), Amsterdam, 1762

735 grams; 17,5 cm high; 15 cm wide


Nowadays, Dutch silver tobacco jars can be found in museums and private collections, but in the past they were actually used by pipe-smoking magistrates and merchants, who loved to surround themselves with precious objects. From 1720 -1790 the finest silver tobacco jars were made throughout the Netherlands, in various styles and sizes. Thereafter, they often came with a matching brazier, containing coals for lighting the clay pipes. In a jar the tobacco would be well preserved and kept dry.


The inscription at the reverse of this tobacco jar reads: Gerrit Schuurman Lindelay. The tobacco jar is fully marked at the reverse and displays assay stripes.


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