Dutch silver table bell

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Dutch silver table bell


Johan Cornelis van Hemert

Middelburg, 1789

381 grams; 12 cm high


The bell-shaped body is applied in the middle with laurel swags between a matted border, engraved with a braided ornament and an applied beaded border, above which a rosette of stylized leaves is chased The silver handle is naturalistically modelled in the form of a branch on which a pear with foliage is hung. Inside is a silver suspension point for the silver clapper. Fully marked on the shoulder of the bell. Also struck with control mark of 1795 for Middelburg and of 1807. Displaying an assay strip inside of the bell.


Johan Cornelis van Hemert was a service worker and flatware maker. He had joined the Middelburg silversmiths guild in 1755. From 18th January 1779 Jan Hendrik Stemme was trained by Johan Cornelis in his workshop. Among other things, bowls, basting spoons, spoons and forks are known from him.


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