Dutch silver mustard pot

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Dutch silver mustard pot


Gijsbert de Beer

Den Bosch, 1694/95

140 grams, 16.3 cm high


The pear-shaped mustard pot is chased with scrolling foliage on body, foot and cover. The body is divided in vacant cartouches. The hinged lid with plain thumb rest has a cockerel finial. The scroll handle is attached to thumb rest and body. The initials W.D. are engraved at the reverse. Fully marked at the reverse and displaying an assay stripe.


Gijsbert de Beer was active as a master silversmith in Den Bosch from 1676 till 1714. His maker’s mark, which he struck onto the so-called inculpatieplaat of the Guild, is a bear rampant, with a chain facing left in an oval. Until 1678 his apprentice was Gerardus Hendrickx van Beugen. Gerardus Hendrickx van Beugen used to be an apprentice of Anthonie van Loon, a fellow master silversmith in Den Bosch. Anthonie van Loon made a similar mustard pot in 1668/69. Apparently this type of mustard pots was rather fashionable in the second half of the 17th century, particularly in the south of the Netherlands.


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