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Dutch Silver-gilt ecuelle

François Marcus Simons

Den Haag, 1787

686 grams; 18,1 cm; 12,8 cm high


The deep circular bowl on circular ring base, partially chased with stylised acanthus leaves, is fitted with two handles issuing from rosettes. The detachable cover, engraved between a border of beading and a cable border, is applied with two smaller rosettes and a larger one below the cone finial. Fully marked at the reverse and displaying an assay stripe.


Small tureens, also known as écuelles, were often used à la mode française by the aristocracy, for serving broth rather than porridge for breakfast. Therefore, they were often part of an extended toilet service. The cover would keep the broth warm and the two handles would enable the user to drink from the bowl.


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Associate literature:

-Jet Pijzel-Dommisse, Haags Goud en Zilver, Zwolle, 2005