A Dutch silver écuelle

  • Zilveren papkom 18e eeuw Den Haag
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Dutch silver écuelle with gilt interior

Attributed to Jan Arentsz van Rheenen

The Hague, 1681

519 grams,  20.5 cm wide



Écuelles were used, in the French manner, for serving broth (bouillon) for breakfast rather than porridge. Therefore, the interior of the bowl was gilded, so that the salty liquid would not affect the silver. Some examples are part of toilet services, like the one in the toilet service of Veronica van Aerssen van Sommelsdijk, made by Gerrit Vuystinck I in The Hague in 1659. For this extensive toilet service Jan Arentsz van Rheenen manufactured a pair of candlesticks in 1658.


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Private collection, The Netherlands


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